Monday, August 18, 2008


When Christ sent the Holy Spirit upon us, He did not send only part to some and part to others. While se are sealed by the HS, the infilling, immersion, or spiritual baptism is a separate experience that empowers God's people.  We are commissioned by the HS to do God's work. Everyone receives the same HS. 

The gifts spoken of in 1 Cor. are not actually gifts but the spiritual manifestations of the presence of the Hs in one's life. There are many different manifestations, all of which come with the presence of the HS.  Ministries are also not given by measure or doled out differently to some. The manifestations of the service ministries are the same in everyone whom God commissions, although personality, other skills and opportunities make them flow differently.  Teaching is still teaching, preaching is still preaching, evangelism still evangelism, etc.

The over emphasis on gender today causes some to erroneously think that the HS divides itself differently among men and women, yet there is no indication of such in Scripture.

John 3:34 "For He whom God has sent sppeaks the words of God, for God does not give the Spirit by measure.

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